The ChangingGears Grand Prix is a fundraising event that is a blast for participants and spectators. The main event is a pedal kart, relay race tournament where four person teams go head-to-head around an indoor track with a few fun obstacles along the way. In addition to the race, and all included with the ticket price, there will be dinner, drinks, games, and plenty of excitement for the crowd. 




The Grand Prix will be held in CityLink Center. Plenty of parking in the main lot at 800 Bank Street, Cincinnati, OH 45214


    • Each team will consist of 4 racers and all ChangingGears Grand Prix participants must be 21 years of age or older. All team members must be present for registration and sign a waiver prior to participating.
    • Pedal karts will be provided for you. You don’t need to bring your own ride.
    • Each race will consist of a two team, head-to-head, relay race. Each team member will drive one lap. Driver exchanges will take place in a designated area by the start/finish line and one member of each team will be allowed to push the driver at the start of each lap.
    • There is no pushing or shoving of the other team during the race. Drivers that do will be disqualified. We agree rubbin’ is racin’ in NASCAR, but these are pedal karts and you’re not Dale Earnhardt.
    • The champion will be determined through a bracket style tournament, and winners of each race will advance to the next round
    • COSTUMES ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. There will even be an award for the best team costume. Here are some good ideas…  Let’s see what you got.
    • Every team member must wear a helmet (bike helmet style at minimum) and close-toed shoes. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. Recommend every team member having their own helmet to make relay exchanges faster.


  • What is a pedal kart?
    • It is a go kart that you pedal like a bike. If you need a better picture, click here.
  • Is this event kid-friendly?
    • No. This is a 21 and over event, so you’ll need to get a sitter (and probably an Uber) but you’ll have a blast.
  • Will there be a losers bracket?
    • Yes. It will not be a full double elimination tournament, but each team will get a minimum of two races.
  • What are the obstacles in the race?
    • To add excitement, a fun obstacle will be added to the race each round of the tournament. Nothing to worry about, the obstacles will be easy enough for anyone ride through on the pedal kart.